This high-energy, modern delivery makes discovering science fun for all ages. The children will laugh and learn as Chaplins’ presenters demonstrate how science affects all our lives


It’s Science Time


Building on Chaplins’ extensive experience and expertise acquired over the last 20 years, the ‘Chaplins in Education’ mission is to Educate, Inspire and Entertain. Our science presentations feature the same fast moving interactive formula that has already delighted many thousands of pupils and teachers throughout the UK.


Chaplins educational shows have been devised and written in accordance with the guide lines set out by the Qualification and Curriculum Authority. Through co-operation with the QCA we ensure that all productions include the relevant material required for up to date study.


I believe that in order to motivate children we have to make learning fun. Chaplins educational shows combine an excellent balance of entertainment and facts and, in my opinion, they make a first class teaching aid”

DAVID M SMITH Bsc(Hons) Msc cert ed - Advanced skills teacher, teaching award 2000 Institute of Physics


‘Chaplins in Education’ .


The experts in making education FUN


* A teacher’s pack, with full contents of the show, will be sent in advance of each performance


* Each action packed presentations will give the pupils hands on experience of real scientific experiments.


* All 4 shows have been devised to inspire, educate and encourage the students to investigate further the fascinating world of science.



The Sound, Light & Vision Show


What is a sound wave? What makes an echo? Why are ears a strange shape? This presentation will answer all these questions and many more. With the help of our two presenters, this subject is made easy. Show content includes sound waves, light waves, senses, colour and the physicality of hearing and vision.


The Magnetism Show


The ‘Simply Science’ Magnetism show is a fun and exciting adventure where we find, through experiments, that opposites attract, gravity is crucial and without magnetism we couldn’t survive. Shows content includes: Attraction / Repulsion, Magnetic fields, Magnets & Movement and Electro Magnets.


The Forces, Movement and Motion Show


In this all action, non-stop explosion of relativity, our two presenters explore Einstein’s theory and much, much more. Crammed full of interactive experiments and fun, this 60-minute presentation will inspire the children to look more closely at the exciting world of science. Show content includes the ups and downs of Gravity; the air pressure surrounding us all and the miracle of perpetual motion.


The Electricity Show


In this highly charged show, we demonstrate how electricity touches our lives. We discuss how electricity is converted into heat and light, we experiment with static electricity and take a look at atoms, protons, electrons and the electrical power of fruit.

Show content includes Static Electricity, Natural Electricity, Simple circuits and Atoms.


All of our 4 shows can be included in one tour


Our ‘Science in Education’ school tours are available for contracts of four weeks or more. Please call 020 8501 2121 for details


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