Betty Banana Presents:


The ‘What’s Good For Me Show'


A Children’s educational health presentation

(For Foundation stages and KS1)


The Betty Banana ‘ What’s good for me show’ is the fun way to teach young children all about nutrition and exercise.


Betty Banana, along with her puppet friends ‘blue bird’ and ‘scruffy the dog’, presents a 45 minute show packed full of fun, songs

and educational games, all about nutrition and exercise, that youngsters will enjoy, understand and most importantly remember.


A full support package accompanies the show with information on games and lessons that endorse the theme and will make this exciting presentation, not just a one off treat, but an important first step in the battle for a healthier future.


The Betty Banana 'What’s good for me show’ teaches children all about the right things to eat and the benefits of regular exercise and is an invaluable aid in the fight against the ever growing problem of child obesity.


‘Chaplins in Education’


The experts in making education FUN


Building on Chaplins’ extensive experience and expertise acquired over the last 20 years, the ‘Chaplins in Education’ mission is to Educate, Inspire and Entertain, and this show features the same fast moving interactive formula that has already delighted, entertained and educated many thousands of children throughout the UK.


This show is available to tour for contracts of four weeks or more. Please call 020 8501 2121 for details



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