*    Customer Reviews JACK & THE BEANSTALK 2015/16







"The children enjoyed the singing & audience participation" Castlebar School, London - 11th Jan 2016


"Very good" Queenswood Social Club, Leeds - 9th Jan 2016


"The adults loved the way the children were totally hooked in and involved" Wincham CP School, Cheshire - 8th Jan 2016


"Really fun, can we have them again!" Marston Green Infant Academy, Birmingham - 8th Jan 2016


"It was very funny. Very good performance, thank you.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it"

Our Lady of Lourdes C.P. School, Birmingham - 8th Jan 2016


"Very much aimed at our children's ages" Monkspath School, Solihull - 7th Jan 2016


"It was great, everyone joined in, Staff & Pupils" Trinity C of E Methodist Primary School, Skelmersdale - 6th Jan 2016


"It was very funny, it made us laugh" St. Peter's C.E. Primary School, Accrington - 5th Jan 2016


"Professional, fun and engaging" Direct Line Group, Kent - 24th Dec 2015


"Everyone enjoyed it" Edmund House WMC, Leeds - 21st Dec 2015


"Very good performance" Westows Play & Football Centre, East Sussex - 21st Dec 2015


"Very good, can we have it again next year" Wardle Conservative Club Company Ltd, Rochdale - 20th Dec 2015


"Great fun. Good family entertainment.  Value for money" Shipleys Bingo, Kidderminster - 20th Dec 2015


"Very enjoyable" WPM Sports & Social Club, Gosport - 19th Dec 2015


"The children thought it was great" Clockhouse Community Centre, London - 19th Dec 2015


"Both staff & children thoroughly enjoyed the show" Holy Cross Catholic Primary School, Swindon - 17th Dec 2015


"Adults said it was very good and the children loved it" All Saints C of E Primary School, London - 17th Dec 2015


"First class!" Bromley Masonic Hall Ltd, Kent - 17th Dec 2015


"Some of the teachers said it was nice that the older children got involved and enjoyed it too"

St. George's C of E Academy, Birmingham - 16th Dec 2015


"Full of energy. Funny" Axbridge C of E First Academy, Somerset - 16th Dec 2015


"Great Fun! Enjoyable for all" St. James' C of E Primary Academy, Kent - 16th Dec 2015


"The children were engaged and involvement was age appropriate" Luton Infant & Nursery School, Kent - 16th Dec 2015


"It captured the children's attention and they were constantly laughing" Windlesham Village Infant School, Surrey - 16th Dec 2015


"Relevant and engaging" Kensington C.P. School, Liverpool - 15th Dec 2015


"The children thought it was the best panto we have had, thank you" Murston Jnr. School, Kent - 14th Dec 2015


"Lovely costumes, great jokes that involved the kids" Westwood Park Primary School, Manchester - 14th Dec 2015


"Children found it engaging and lots of fun" Dewhurst St. Mary Primary School, Cheshunt - 14th Dec 2015


"Everyone enjoyed it and they went away smiling" Longbenton Community Centre, Longbenton - 13th Dec 2015


"Always a hit!" South Forest Leisure, Edwinstowe - 13th Dec 2015


"Very professional. Fun!" Queen Elizabeth Comm. College, Exeter - 12th Dec 2015


"The whole show was brilliant" Worcester Bosch Social Club, Worcester - 12th Dec 2015


"The Children loved the interaction with the cast" Robert Bosch Ltd, Middlesex - 12th Dec 2015


"The show was really funny" St. Mary's CE (VA) First School, Berkhamsted - 11th Dec 2015


"Great Fun, The Best, We loved it, It was funny" St. Philip's RC School, Manchester - 9th Dec 2015


"Children loved it, good production" Snapethorpe Primary School, Wakefield - 9th Dec 2015


"It was fabulous, brilliant!" Whitchurch Infant & Nursery School, Shropshire - 9th Dec 2015


"Children said it was funny" Addington School, Berkshire - 9th Dec 2015


"Great interactive show" Wallsend Jubilee Primary School, Tyne & Wear - 7th Dec 2015


"Didn't they work hard. The scenery was fantastic" Tesco, Bristol - 6th Dec 2015


"Enjoyed the interaction which is the best bit of panto" IPECO Europe, Essex - 6th Dec 2015


"Our deaf parents were very happy that music etc. had been sent to the interpreter beforehand. Very good length, very

entertaining - Performance was fantastic!" Seaham Town Hall, Co. Durham - 6th Dec 2015


"Amazing show with only 3 people. Guests said daughter loved it, she never sits still and did not move at all"

Sandy Balls Holiday Village, Fordingbridge - 5th Dec 2015


"I've never been to a Panto before, this is amazing. So much fun. I loved it!"

St. Philips & St. Mark Church Hall, London - 5th Dec 2015


"Very exciting show!" Tividale Hall Primary School, Tividale - 4th Dec 2015


"The Children were very engaged" Anson CE (A) Primary School, Stafford - 4th Dec 2015


"Love that the cast were in reception at the end giving out presents" Dyson, Wiltshire - 4th Dec 2015


"The children particularly enjoyed the songs" Lonesome Primary School, Surrey - 4th Dec 2015


"Dusty character was particularly funny" Steam Mills Primary School, Gloucestershire - 4th Dec 2015


"Thank you for showing masks before the performance so that the children were not scared"

College Town Inf/Nurs. School, Berkshire - 4th Dec 2015


"Really enjoyed it" Watford General Hospital, Watford - 4th Dec 2015


"The adults said they haven't laughed so much like that in a while" Kings Fitness & Leisure, Somerset - 3rd Dec 2015


"Amazing!!" Roseberry Primary School, Stockton on Tees - 3rd Dec 2015


"You could hear the children laughing from one end of the school to the other"

Robert Bakewell Primary School, Loughborough - 3rd Dec 2015


"Lots of fun and very enjoyable" The Meads Primary School, Luton - 3rd Dec 2015


"Very good, fantastic, awesome!" All Saints C of E School, Somerset - 3rd Dec 2015


"The children loved every bit of it" Luton Town Football Club, Luton - 3rd Dec 2015


"It was awesome" Mission Grove Primary School (North), London - 2nd Dec 2015


"It entertained the large age range of children very well and wasn't too scary for the little ones"

Welbury Village Hall, York - 2nd Dec 2015


"Right amount of audience participation and kept children engaged" Barlestone C of E Primary School, Nuneaton 2nd Dec 2015


"The children liked Robbie the Rabbit and enjoyed the singing and dancing. Thank you the children loved it"

South Ossett Infant Academy, Wakefield - 1st Dec 2015


"Awesome, brilliant, really funny, made me laugh, loved it" Ravenswood King Unity Primary School, Suffolk - 1st Dec 2015


"Hoping you will be back next year. Love it, still singing" St Vincent College, Gosport - 1st Dec 2015


"All children, including children with additional needs engaged throughout"

Clarendon Road Comm. Primary School, Manchester 30th Nov 2015


"Very Good" Mecca Bingo, Chesterfield - 29th Nov 2015


"It was great, impressive night, actors were fab!" Dalgarno Community Centre, London - 29th Nov 2015


"The children enjoyed joining in with the songs and just generally enjoyed themselves" Buhler Sortex Ltd, London - 28th  Nov 2015


"Children & adults loved the show, the actors are a real credit to you" Office Depot, Leicester - 28th Nov 2015


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